Technical Paper: Numerical Simulation and Performance Evaluation of the Uenotai Geothermal Field, Akita Prefecture

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Presentation Date: 2005


This paper presents an evaluation of the performance of the Uenotai geothermal field, located in Akita Prefecture, Japan, during the first nine years of its operation (1994 – 2003). The performance evaluation was based mainly on numerical simulation of reservoir behavior using the TOUGH2 software.

The numerical simulation model includes a total area of 40 km2 and extends from the surface at +600m msl (mean sea level) to a depth of -2,000m msl. Through a trial-and-error process, the pre-exploitation condition of the reservoir was satisfactorily matched by the model.

Technical Paper from Proceedings World Geothermal Congress, Antalya, Turkey, 24-29 April 2005

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