Technical Paper: Geothermal Resource Risks in Indonesia - A Statistical Inquiry

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Presentation Date: 2011
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This paper presents a statistical study of the geothermal resource risk in Indonesia, specifically, that the resource base and well productivity are adequate and that the drilling cost per well is reasonable. This paper is timely because the Government of Indonesia is now embarking on an ambitious plan to develop up to 4,000 MW of geothermal power capacity by 2014-2015 and a longer-term target of 9,500 MW by 2025. This study relies on the resource base estimates made by the Indonesian Government-owned enterprise P.T. Pertamina (now “PGE”) for nearly 100 sites, and productivity data on 215 wells in the country in the GeothermEx archives; these wells comprise some 80% of the production wells drilled in Indonesia. Pertamina’s assessments are shown to be consistent; such a thorough national inventory of the geothermal resource base is available from very few countries. The resource base (proved-plus-probable-pluspossible) at a site ranges from 10 MW to 800 MW with a log-normal distribution. More than 70% of the known Indonesian fields have a resource base greater than 50 MW and nearly half of the fields (about 40) offer a resource base of 100 MW or more.

Technical Paper from PROCEEDINGS, Thirty-Sixth Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering - Stanford University, Stanford, California, January 31 - February 2, 2011

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