Technical Paper: Taming of the Shoe

Society: AADE
Paper Number: AADE-11-NTCE-44
Presentation Date: 2011
Download: Taming of the Shoe (1.01 MB PDF)



The VSST (Viscometer Sag Shoe Test) is part of a long list of simple, inexpensive drilling fluids measurements used to monitor complex well behavior at the wellsite, which in the VSST case is barite sag. Issues have arisen regarding its use and interpretation, especially when comparing VSST results with field data. Ultimate success, understandably, depends on proper interpretation of results with due consideration and appreciation for the limitations exacted by the simplicity and low cost of the test equipment. 

The primary focus of this paper is to address certain contentious issues related to the VSST and provide practical guidelines for maximizing its use to monitor a fluid’s ability to mitigate barite sag. Design specifics of the Sag Shoe insert used in the VSST also are discussed to clarify test protocols and to deal with the few misconceptions that could undermine the test value.

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