Technical Paper: Expanding the Reach of Wireline Perforating

Society: IADC
Paper Number: 180668
Presentation Date: 2016
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Advances in technology are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with wireline cable conveyance with heavy payloads. New high-strength cables, conveyance systems, wireline tractors, prejob modeling software, and a wide range of additional enabling technologies have shifted the conventional norm for wireline perforating applications, thereby allowing for the successful shooting of very long perforating gun strings. Detailed job planning is required and, with the help of conveyance planning and shock modeling, perforating bottomhole assemblies can be optimized and maximized payloads of perforating guns can be run. Successful operations have been completed in which 100 ft or more of perforating guns from 2 7/8-in. to 7-in. have been deployed and shot in a single descent in many areas including Qatar, Oman, UK, Norway, Mexico, and Brazil.

Combining the new hardware breakthroughs with advanced software modeling has enabled the implementation of ultralong and heavy wireline perforating jobs in both offshore and land operations. These new wireline perforating techniques have improved efficiency and logistics while reducing rig time and cost; they will be of interest to all operators conducting perforating operations.

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