Technical Paper: Liwan Gas Project: First South China Sea Deepwater Completion Campaign

Society: OTC
Paper Number: 23934
Presentation Date: 2013
 Download: Liwan Gas Project: First South China Sea Deepwater Completions Campaign (0.80 MB PDF) Login | Register



Husky Energy installed 14 "frac-pack" lower completions, 10 sub-sea horizontal trees, and 7 upper completions utilizing two 6-th generation deep water semi-submersibles in Block 29/26 of the Pearl River Marine Basin (PRMB) South China Sea between June 2011 and January 2013. On average, the lower completions, tree installation and upper completions required, 12 days, 2 day and 24 days, respectively. The water depth ranged from 650 m to 1450 m.

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