Technical Paper: First Design of Inflow Control Devices Completion in Offshore Khafji Field Sandstone Reservoir—Challenges and Application

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 24384
Presentation Date: 2013
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First application of Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) completion is implemented in long openhole section with an average permeability of 3,000 mD sandstone-reservoir in offshore Khafji field. This work illustrates the best evaluation to design and to select the process for using ICD in long openhole section of 1,900 ft.

The present paper discusses the challenges which faced to install the first ICD completion focusing on reservoir/production challenges including heel-to-toe effect, uneven drainage across horizontal section, early water breakthrough from high-permeability intervals, water coning/fingering, sand production and hole stability issues. The second challenge category includes drilling fluid selection with heavyweight drilling mud due to hole stability issues and chemical treatment process.

Cleaning of water-base mud filtercake at ICD completion by using a treatment fluid that will attach to the mudcake to be lifted up in order to disperse all the mud particles passing through the screen will be discussed in this work. The treatment combines chelating agent and enzyme breaker; such treatments ensure removal of both polymer components and CaCO3 bridging particles in the mud filtercake as single step. Laboratory test results and fluid preparation will be discussed in details later.

The initial well testing result showed a successful completion deployment of ICD in a long openhole section to TD with high production rate and zero water cut. Well production performance will be compared with offset wells to evaluate ICD completion value in terms of reservoir and production optimization.

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