Technical Paper: North Sea Case Study for Enhanced Imaging Using a New Multimeasurement Towed Streamer

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: Th D201 14
Presentation Date: 2014


We present a case study over the Bruce Field area in the North Sea of a seismic survey acquired using a new multimeasurement towed-streamer system to provide a broadband, isometrically sampled seismic dataset. Images, with qualitative and quantitative interpretation comparisons are made against an equivalent broadband hydrophone-only dataset derived as a subset of the original measurements. Both datasets are processed through matching fast-track processing sequences.

Inspection of the two volumes indicates uplift in the multimeasurement dataset at multiple levels from seafloor to the reservoir. High-resolution images in the shallow section show the multimeasurement data fidelity, and indicate the potential for seismic data suited for geohazard identification. In the Palaeogene overburden, understanding of the intricate structural geometries of turbidites and sand injectites are enhanced using the multimeasurement data, which demonstrates good spatial imaging of fine-scale structures with complex three-dimensional orientations. Across the reservoir interval, improved continuity in the prestack inversion cube from the multimeasurement data suggests better separation of signal from noise, coupled with low-frequency content to deliver close to absolute impedance without low-frequency model input.

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