Technical Paper: Mapping of Sand Injectites from Colour-Processed Multimeasurement Seismic Data

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: Tu-G107-08
Presentation Date: 2014

In a PSDM data set from the Central North Sea we found sand injectite structures of up to 1 km in diameter and 300 m in height. Their shape and thickness varies with the location within a submarine delta. The dewatering of sediments as well as the pressure from overlaying sediments deposited by the delta determines the shape and thickness of the injectites. Sand injectites can be delineated and extracted from seismic prestack depth migration (PSDM) data using the structural attribute from the structurally sharpened continuous-colour red green blue (SRGB) process. Multimeasurement towed streamer acquisition and isometrical sampling enabled the detection of complex sand injectites. Combining seismic sections and horizons textured with seismic attributes in a chair diagram rendering provides a useful approach for geological interpretation in 3D. Texturing seismic horizons with SRGB colours enables the interpreter recognizing morphological patterns that can reveal clues for the interpretation of depositional and erosional environments. Correct mapping of sand injectites can be used for mapping drilling hazards where the sands are still not consolidated. Consolidated sand injectites may be important reservoirs as well as pathways for fluid migration across seals in sandstone reservoirs with frequent shale interbeds.

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