Technical Paper: Broadband - The Interpreter's Friend?

Society: EAGE
Paper Number: WS2-A03
Presentation Date: 2014
Download: Broadband - The Interpreter's Friend? (0.40 MB PDF)



The positive impact of broadband acquisition and processing methods on the interpretation of seismic volumes has been well documented in recent years. While most gains have been achieved by extending low-frequency content, potential pitfalls exist for interpreters at both ends of the frequency spectrum, and care must be taken to understand the effective bandwidth of data. In addition, the handling of spatial frequencies (or wavenumbers) is as important as considerations for temporal aliasing. A complex earth creates a complex seismic wavefield in all directions, and so demands a revised definition of broadband with an emphasis on spatial resolution. We contend that the time has come to adopt the concept of effective spatial broadband based on high-resolution interpretation independent of orientation, and move towards the next level in geological understanding from our seismic volumes.

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