Technical Paper: Optimal Deghosting Robust to Nonstationary Noise from Multimeasurement Streamer Data

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 1063
Presentation Date: 2014


The optimal deghosting (ODG) method is used to combine pressure and vertical velocity in a way to optimally minimize the impact of noise on the deghosted data. This is done by estimating the noise power spectrum of the pressure and vertical gradient to weight the contribution of each measurement. In general, the pressure and vertical velocity noise spectrums are estimated from noisedominant data windows assuming that the noise is spacetime stationary in the wide sense. If the noise statistics change with time or space, then the ODG solution is not optimal with respect to the signal to noise ratio (S/N). We propose a robust way to minimize the impact of nonstationary noise in ODG without estimating the noise power.

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