Technical Paper: Signal-Protected Noise Attenuation for Multimeasurement Towed-Streamer Data

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 1189
Presentation Date: 2014


Recordings of a multimeasurement towed streamer are subject to several different sources of noise that can limit the recoverable signal content. Most conventional noise attenuation is performed in the shot domain. In this paper, we analyze the behavior of low-frequency noise in domains other than the shot domain. We exploit the fact that some noise that is coherent in the shot domain turns incoherent in other domains, e.g., the common-offset domain or the common-receiver-point domain. We also investigate the theoretical limits of the signal cone in each geometry domain. Exploiting the theoretical signal cone limits and the domain-based noise randomization, we introduce filters that can give a noise reduction of several dB in the frequency range below 30 Hz while preserving signal fidelity. We demonstrate the noise attenuation capabilities on data from a survey carried out in the North Sea and a survey from the Barents Sea.

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