Technical Paper: Finite Difference Modeling to Evaluate the Improvements Associated with a Multicomponent Towed Streamer Measurement in Espirito Santo Basin Offshore Brazil

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 1426
Presentation Date: 2014


The paper details a modeling project to understand the uplift associated with a multicomponent towed streamer acquisition and processing workflow in the Espirito Santo basin offshore Brazil. A complex model was built representing many of the common geological features in the Espirito Santo basin including allochthonous salt bodies, post-salt anticlinal generated fractures, volcanic intrusions, and shallow meandering channels. Synthetic seismic data was generated for a number of geometries, both single and multicomponent, including a very densely sampled control measurement. The synthetic measurements were reconstructed/interpolated to a 12.5-m crossline surface receiver sampling interval. The various datasets were compared both pre- and post-migration. The results suggest that the multicomponent measurement in conjunction with multicomponent reconstruction better samples the complex waveforms.

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