Technical Paper: Innovative Use of Hybrid Bits to Improve Drilling Performances in the Brazilian Pre-Salt

Society: IBP
Paper Number: 1685_12
Presentation Date: 2012
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The KH Series (KINETIC HYBRID) bits combine multiple cutting mechanisms: a PDC cutting structure with alternating Wedge Shaped TSPs (Thermally Stable Polycrystalline) and blades fully impregnated with diamond material.  While the new hybrid style bit was initially developed for drilling applications where a non to medium abrasive top section followed by a very abrasive formation, its concept was introduced and tested to face the pre-salt geological uncertainties encountered offshore Brazil. Sometimes PDC bits drill these carbonates effectively and for an extended footage until their cutting elements are damaged by inclusions and a trip is therefore necessary. Hybrid bits allow for similar performance when inclusions are absent but with the added benefit of continued drilling with secondary and tertiary cutting mechanisms potentially saving multiple trips. When used with the appropriate BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly) and drilling parameters, the KH bit offered good performances in term of ROP (Rate Of Penetration) and footage. This paper describes this new bit concept, its features and how it works. It will focus on the specific case of the pre-salt carbonates where the lithology is non-uniform and heterogeneous with occurrence of silicate inclusions. Because this bit combines various cutting mechanism, the selection of the drive system and drilling parameters is critical to achieve the desired performances. Lessons learned acquired while using this bit in various scenarios will be discussed.

Technical Paper presented at Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference 2012, held between September 17-20, 2012, in Rio de Janeiro.

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