Technical Paper: Focused Approach to Solving Deepwater Reaming Problems

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 151733
Presentation Date: 2012
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Conventional approach to deepwater reaming solutions generally consist of selecting appropriate size reaming tools, running hydraulic analysis for the interval and relying on the expertise of tool operator for the tool performance. This approach works in situations where the drilling environment is usually friendly and the target is relatively straight forward. However in today’s drilling environment, an operator may be faced with challenges associated with deeper water depth, deeper wellbores, tortuous drilling trajectories, higher pressures/temperatures and a variety of formations. These challenges cannot be successfully met head-on with the conventional methodology.

This paper presents an innovative and focused approach to the deepwater reaming operations where all drilling and operational issues are analyzed and a comprehensive solution is developed that meets the challenges presented by the specific application. The analysis includes (1) selection and location of reaming tools based upon the dynamic simulation of the entire drill string, (2) selection of cutting structure suitable for the interval and one that matches with the bit, (3) selection of appropriate ream on demand control feature, (4) hydraulic analysis of the reaming interval, and (5) recommendations of operating parameters selected for mitigating vibrations during the reaming operation. This approach was made possible in recent times due to (a) advances in technologies, specifically the material technologies and the computing technologies which have been emerging at accelerated pace, and (b) synergetic efforts between the drilling group, directional group and the analytical group within the organization.

The authors will provide an overview of the features and system functionality and each of its critical components. This will include details about specific hardware and discussion of software analysis. Examples of actual field applications, results, lesson learned and discussion of the way forward activities will also be presented.

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