Technical Paper: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Gas Storage Management

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 100133
Presentation Date: 2006
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An approach is investigated, to reduce the amount of CPU time needed to execute a numerical full field model in an optimization loop.

To demonstrate the power of this approach, a real life example is presented. Data from a gas storage reservoir have been used to setup a single tank material balance program. Then, a limited number of simulation runs is carried out. These simulation runs are intended to span over the whole range of input parameter variation (app. 25 runs).

In a next step, a Neural Network (NN) model is setup. By training a Neural Network on the so gained simulation outputs, a model, which is able to interpolate between the individual simulation scenarios is created. In this way, a large variety of different scenarios can be represented with a limited amount of model runs.

The trained Neural Network model is used as a proxy function for an optimization routine. The trained Neural Network has been used as fitness function for the Genetic Algorithm to minimize the output parameter, which is in this example the RMS-error of measured and calculated tank pressure. Due to the very low CPU consumption of the Neural Network, a large number of realisations can be calculated in a short amount of time. By this, the absolute minimum of the desired output parameter (in this case the RMS-error) can be evaluated in a few seconds.

The Genetic Algorithm has succeeded to find a minimum, which is located very close to the absolute minimum of all possible solutions.

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