Technical Paper: Dynamic Production Optimization in Khafji Offshore Field

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 101388
Presentation Date: 2006
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The gas lift, by limited capacity of 25 MMSCF/D, was introduced for Khafji field in 1988 which could successfully sustain target rate until mid of 2004.  Even though, additional artificial lift energy was planned as long term solution due to the increase of field water cut and depletion of reservoirs, production optimization was found to be the best way to sustain field target until commissioning of these new facilities.  For that purpose, general optimization and gas lift allocation models have been built and applied for Khafji field as presented by Ghoniem et al.

Although, production system modeling is a powerful technology to optimize and understand the whole production system, the individual well modeling hence dynamic nodal analysis and the reliable field measurements are still highly contributed to increasing oil rate.  Consequently, the present work is a further and more comprehensive optimization study for Khafji crude production by:

  • Updating the previously built optimization models
  • Screening for new effective wells for gas lift operation
  • Review the design of existing gas lift installations
  • Optimizing the choke size for many natural flow wells
  • Practical adaptation to the dynamic process of production optimization.

As a result, several high productivity wells were selected and put recently on gas lift operations, also gas lift re-design was made for many wells.  Furthermore, wellhead choke size was optimized for many natural flow wells.  As a result, a significant marginal oil gain was obtained and confirmed by field measurements.  Also, a lot of recommendations for gas lift operations and for mature oil fields were concluded.

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