Technical Paper: Integration of Production and Process Facility Models in a Single Simulation Tool

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 109260
Presentation Date: 2007
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Traditionally in the upstream business, operational decisions are made separately at the reservoir, production and surface facility levels, using only their respective knowledge, experience and engineering tools without limited coordination between them, sometimes bypassing important considerations from other components of the overall production system, outside of their specific domain. For example, a common practice in the oil industry is to generate a production forecast derived from a reservoir-based model, without taking into account surface facility constraints that could lead to unrealistic approximations. Restrictions in compression power or pump capacity, for example, could impose significant limitations over the well and surface network performance that could impact long term field management plans if they are not properly identified and solved.

PEMEX E&P San Manuel complex produces in excess of 276 mmscf/d and 13,100 BOPD from 10 fields (mostly gas and condensates, but also oil fields) through 69 wells using 6 process facilities and its corresponding pipeline network. Built more than 25 years ago, this PEMEX E&P facility, originally designed for much higher gas and liquid rates than the current ones, faced several slug and counter-pressure problems arising from over- and under-capacity of in its current surface infrastructure. This work describes how a team of reservoir, production and process engineers, developed and implemented a data, simulation and analysis workflow to identify the well-network-process system’s major bottle necks and made recommendations of several low cost optimization alternatives to overcome them. The project’s results of implemented recommendations increased production in excess of 2,000 BOPD, with no additional investment, and reduced the asset’s operational cost by more than USD$ 600,000 USD a year. This simulation tool also proved to be very valuable for early identification of well optimization opportunities, strategic planning and informed decision making, considering the size of the full well-surface facility system.

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