Technical Paper: Automatic Surveillance System for Large Gas Fields With Multifrequency Measurements

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 110401
Presentation Date: 2007
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This paper presents the results of an automatic surveillance system implemented by PEMEX for one of Mexico’s largest gas fields. Activo Integral Burgos (AIB) is a typical example of large gas field where production declined due to gasloading backpressure and reduced permeability in the target formation. The fast decline of the gas wells during their first year of production drove a change from reactive into proactive management tactic to monitor the field and to select candidates for workovers. However, the large number of wells in AIB (approximately 2000 active wells) and the fact 95% of data is manually captured made the implementation of automatic surveillance particularly challenging.

We introduced an automatic surveillance solution that synchronizes the data collected daily in more than 200 wells. Conventional production tools, including Nodal modeling, Turner’s equation, Decline Curve Analysis, or Pressure Survey, were individually validated and subsequently implemented as a sequence of automated routines to process the data over the entire field. The data was then analyzed using a self-organizing-map engine to automatically identify wells where fluid loading impedes production. Daily production rates were also computed using nodal models automatically updated with operational data for each well.

The integration of tasks including production data gathering and standardization, monitoring, reporting and alarm functionality, was a key element for the successful and efficient management of gas-loading problems at the field scale. Milestones achieved with this implementation included the automatic identification of problematic wells and a reconciliation of the production rates measured at the gathering stations with rates calculated at the well level.

This surveillance methodology offers new perspectives for the proactive management of wellbore liquid-loading problems in large fields with very limited data stream. The early-stage diagnosis of problems enables the operator to make decisions in record turn-around times and extends the productive life of the wells beyond initial expectations.

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