Technical Paper: GeDIg Carapeba—A Journey from Integrated Intelligent Field Operation to Asset Value Chain Optimization

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 112191
Presentation Date: 2008
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GeDIg is a Petrobras corporate initiative to implement Intelligent Energy technologies to achieve Integrated Digital Oilfield Management with the sole objective to maximize the life of mature and new producing oilfields. Carapeba is an offshore brownfield located in the Northeast area of the Campos Basin, comprising of 3 fixed platforms with 41 wells producing from three zones (all dry completion and equipped with Electric Submersible Pumps) and 4 water injection wells.

The key business driver is to increase the recovery factor by improving reservoir sweep efficiency with installation of ten intelligent completion systems, achieve production optimization and augment operational efficiency by upgrading field automation and integrated process optimization.

GeDIg Carapeba encompasses end-to-end seamless integration, spanning across various functional groups of the asset, integrating operational processes (fast, medium & long loops). It provides a toolset that gives the ability to make better informed decisions by multi-disciplinary teams in a specially designed collaborative environment to plan, monitor, control & optimize operational processes, making asset teams more agile. The solution is delivered through a portal platform which integrates information from Production Operations, Geotechnical and Financial systems, providing an information hub for the entire asset operations, shielding complexity of underlying sub-systems and empowering end-users with right information in-time. This is supported by field automation, smart simulation and optimization tools which integrate the well-bore, surface facility networks, reservoir, process and economic models. This level of integration provides more transparency to understand engineering and economic impact of various field development decisions.

This paper describes experiences and challenges of the GeDIg Carapeba project from conception thru implementation, integrating people and processes with the right balance of technology across field operations and how it has resulted in enhanced operational efficiency and recovery factor, coupled with a substantial increase in production.

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