Technical Paper: Breaking the Barriers - The Integrated Asset Model

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 112223
Presentation Date: 2008
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The objective of this paper is to highlight the necessary steps for the successful use of integrated asset modeling.  It presents the full workflow for optimizing production and injection cycle times with the help of a simplified reservoir model (SRM) through the set up of an integrated asset model (IAM) to validate the SRM results and control the actual production performance.

A discussion of the theory of the IAM as well as the steps to set up a SRM and IAM are presented in this paper.  The steps are described in context of an actual field operation.  A WAG cycle optimization workflow for the Snorre field has been created to demonstrate the advantages of using the SRM and IAM technology.  The optimization process is performed using a SRM able to run a simulation run in a matter of minutes and hence being suitable for sensitivity analysis and optimization.  The optimized WAG injection and production cycle is then carried forward to an IAM in order to accurately determine the well performance and the reservoir production.  The IAM couples the modeling results from reservoir and well model with the surface facility network and process plant model.  The coupling and integration allows investigating the impact of changes in one model to all the other models and hence also handles the proper propagation of constraints throughout the system. 

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