Technical Paper: Bridging the Gap Between Real-Time Optimization and Information-Based Technologies

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 116758
Presentation Date: 2008
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For the past several years, the problem of reducing time-to-decision in field operations and capital projects has been repeatedly described and analyzed in qualitative and anecdotal terms.  In this paper, we take an engineering approach to measure and understand the problem in quantitative and fact-based terms.  We first review the mission of the SPE IT Technical Section-Oilfield Integration (SPE ITTS OI) subcommittee.  Several contexts of oilfield integration and their role in Digital Oilfield of the Future (DOFF) initiatives are identified.  We discuss the results of our study, and compare the results with those from other studies conducted by the SPE and also by two integrated oil companies (IOC's).  We address the goal of "reducing time to decision," and show how even the most basic data-integration gaps can slow decisions with great economic impact.  In information management and decision-making, the mondegreen "data commute" is the biggest problem area.  The data commute absorbs over half the time that engineering and operations personnel could be spending making crucial decisions to effectively manage E&P assets.  We review some case studies and their economic impact.  Beyond "saving half an engineer's time," several other more subtle gaps in the industry's current modeling and integration approaches are identifies and evaluated.  We conclude with showing how some of these gaps have been filled in other industries outside of oil & gas, and cite some examples that could be applicable in production surveillance and optimization.

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