Technical Paper: Production Enhancement for Khafji Field using Advanced Optimization Techniques

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 120664
Presentation Date: 2009
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The gas lift, by limited capacity of 25 MMSCF/D, was introduced for Khafji field in 1988 which could successfully sustain target rate until mid of 2004. Artificial Lift is part of the long term production sustainable solutions for Khafji Field necessitated by the increase of field water cut and depletion of reservoirs.  In order to make up for production decline in Khafji Field and to sustain the field target rate and defer large investments associated with exploration and drilling new wells as well as commissioning new facility expansions, Production Optimization and de-bottlenecking of the existing production system was found to be the best cost effective solution.  For that purpose, general optimization and gas lift allocation models have been built and applied for Khafji field as presented by Ghoniem et al.

This paper is an extension to the previous papers for Khafji Field cited above. The optimization approach presented in this paper is based on a field-wide production planning solution, which is achieved by combining steady-state multiphase network simulation with a nonlinear, multivariate optimization technique called General Algorithm (GA) through a newly developed and commercially available optimization called Avocet Gas Lift Optimizer.

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