Technical Paper: A Case Study: Production Management Solution "Back Allocation and Advance Well Monitoring" - Litoral de Tabasco Asset

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 127924
Presentation Date: 2010
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There has been a significant increase in activity in recent years in the development of exploration fields in Mexico offshore operations. Critical operational issues for managing these fields are the large volume of Excel files, disorganized acquisition, and minimal sharing of the different sources of available data. In 2005, some PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) Assets decided to address this data gathering and analysis bottleneck by integrating all operational data into one single central data store to allow the Asset engineers, involved in the monitoring and diagnostic field process, to access a unique and shared source of field information, i.e. “One single version of the truth”. One of the most recent developments is AILT (Activo Integral Litoral de Tabasco), located in the Marine Southwest Region – Gulf of Mexico, as is show in Fig. 1, where this case study was developed.

When the project started, AILT had 7 platforms and 15 wells and now consolidates all production in the area with 44 wells and 24 platforms using shared facilities. This required the implementation of a workflow to accurately determine the production of each well by applying back allocation and near real-time operational conditions using multiphase measurements. A series of automated workflows integrates all the operational data, from monitoring of the wells in real time to official accounting and reporting system.

The automated workflows have provided a cost-effective solution that minimizes uncertainties in estimating production volumes at the well level for the AILT area, and improves production consolidation required for official accounting purposes. The automatic workflows have further enabled the production team to integrate all operational data, and analyze and monitor the performance of each well as part of the integrated facilities network. In addition, rule-based concepts within these workflows assist in monitoring reservoir drawdown and proactively prevent the contractual penalties related to batch delivery delay to Pemex refineries.

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