Technical Paper: A Fully Compositional Integrated Asset Model for a Gas - Condensate Field

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 134141
Presentation Date: 2010
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A fully compositional Integrated Asset Model (IAM) has been built for a giant gas-condensate field. The field is a complex retrograde gas-condensate reservoir with a hydrocarbon column up to 1,750 m in height. The fluid composition varies significantly with depth, ranging from a gas condensate to under-saturated oil.

Production is centered on three processing facilities which are variously constrained by gas processing, gas compression & oil stabilisation capacities and overall export levels. There are some 100 producers and 15 gas injectors presently active in the field, with new wells and facilities planned as part of future development.

IAM’s for the total production system have been gaining in popularity for applications such as FEED studies, field development planning and optimisation. Their complexity has grown with the need to have fully compositional models, which are particularly important for gas condensate fields, where accurate fluid description is required for predicting condensate recovery and injection gas composition.

Development of this IAM has required close cooperation between reservoir, production and process engineers since each of the component models - a 3D reservoir simulation model, production & injection surface network models and a process model for the three production units – are complex in their own right. The IAM model honours the well, network, and facilities constraints, taking into account interdependence between the different elements of the system.

The IAM provides the capability to manage scheduled field events (well re-routing, plant maintenance, field uptime, etc) and optimizing field liquid production.

This work offers valuable insights for more accurate assessments while evaluating different field exploitation strategies.

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