Technical Paper: New Work Flows for Well Interventions Using Production Data Center Solutions

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 169462
Presentation Date: 2014
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To support the work of maintaining production levels in PEMEX E&P in Mexico, several workflows were created using a production integrated data center solutions. These workflows were applied to wells candidates to interventions (workovers, side track, stimulations, new locations, etc.) in the region. 

Specific workflows were created depending of the problem, for example: positions in relations to the oil water contact and injection wells. These workflows consolidated and use all the different information analysis available in the production data center solutions, including:

Plot: production and injection data, bottom hole pressure, wells interferences, salinity, percent mole of N2, etc. 

  • Bubble and grid maps: production and injection cumulative, percent mole of N2 and water salinity 
  • Forecast: oil, water cut, GOR, WOR, etc. 
  • Yortsos and Chan diagnostic plots.
  • Heterogeneity index. 
  • Scatter plot: productions rate cumulative or any variable of interest.
  • Normalize plots. 

Applying theses workflows, engineers can perform an accurate well analysis of exploitation conditions and its neighbor in order to technically support workovers and ensure the success of these. In fields where the methodology was applied success rate for well intervention was very good. Additionally, engineers can have a better way of planning rig schedule for their fields and optimize reservoir management times.

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