Technical Paper: An Innovative Approach to Reverse Production Decline in Brown Fields

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 171145
Presentation Date: 2014
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It is known that the vast majority of oil and gas fields in the world are on decline; generally in these fields, the high uncertainties stemming from geological complexities and operational risks do not leave much room for risky and costly interventions or ill-planned reactions to issues such as loss of well productivity, water and/or gas breakthoughs.  These fields rather need a much elaborated approach to enhance oil or gas throughput while reducing risks and maintaining minimal operations cost.  For that, it is best to opt for a strategy, which articulates around day-to-day management through usage of expertise, adapted technology and long-term planning.  This requires an integrated approach where the engineering diagnosis/conceptual/analysis part is intimately tied to the execution/evaluation and other operational and cost constraints.

This work shows through a case study the value of integration in brown field projects.  It highlights the fact that by collaborating as a joint project team, excellent results are achieved in field management but also tangible value is gained by unlocking the true reservoir potential that can be achieved through an optimum use of technology and data integration workflows when applied in junction with operations tasks.

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