Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO) - Tri-Node Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) Integrating People, Technology and Process

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 173579
Presentation Date: 2015
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The Samarang field is located offshore Sabah, with operation office in Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah and Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (KL). The Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) is one of the key components in Samarang Integrated Operations (IO) project, it is desired to collaborate actionable data and information across the expertise from multiple disciplines and geographically split locations in order to have faster and better decision making processes. 

A Tri-Node CWE was designed and implemented in Samarang IO project. It integrates new transformational technologies with integration of offshore data streaming and work processes and has enabled the followings: 

collaborative expertise of multiple domain and locations across geographically split of Samarang offshore, Sabah operations and headquarters 

  • enables a more effective working environment 
  • work processes are streamlined and automated 
  • quality information is available and accessible across the organization 
  • management by Exception 
  • increase hydrocarbon production and recovery 

The Tri-Node CWE is adopting immersive model whereby Samarang Asset Team was co-located and work in CWE. The model is selected considering lesson learned from industry projects that if employees have to schedule the use of a separate collaboration room (Distributed Model) and leave their workspace to go there, they are less likely to do so. 

The Tri-Node CWE is housing Samarang asset team with shared visualization of data, KPIs, workflow execution with surveillance by exception, collaborative decision making with action tracking and management. The aim is to closely coordinate synergistically the decision making processes across different domains and functions in efficient manner. 

The implementation of IO for Samarang field represents a major change in the way that Samarang asset will manage the operation of Samarang in both the daily and long term operation of the field. As such it qualifies as a major technology project and change management is a vital and ongoing part of the alignment, planning and implementation of the project. 

The change management is recognized as one of important components in Samarang IO Framework to ensure stakeholders are in alignment as well as its sustainability. J.P Kotter and Prosci Adkar change management models are being used to execute the change management Plan. 

The goal of this paper is to describe the Tri-Node CWE and change management implementation in Samarang IO project and underscores its challenges and lesson learnt in integrating data from different technologies into work processes and enables multiple petro-technical domain expertise for decision making in collaboration manner.

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