Technical Paper: The Production Data Management Platform for Reservoir Management and Optimization: A Case Study

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 176282
Presentation Date: 2015
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Bien Dong POC (BDPOC) operates two gas condensate fields located offshore Vietnam and exports the produced gas to the Nam Con Son pipeline. Along with the evolution of advanced technology, real time data incorporated into flexible services architecture has contributed significantly in increasing efficiency, accelerating production, reducing downtime and regulatory events (Naser and Awaji 2011). The Production Data Management Platform (PDMS) was implemented before the first commercial gas, allowing the BDPOC to be readily prepared for first gas, enjoy the benefits of tracking all the production and operation parameters since day one for operational purposes and also enable the ability to understand better reservoir dynamics at very early stage of the production (Tran et al. 2014). 

With this data converted into information, BDPOC can safely operate the current and future oil and gas assets, accurately report to authorities and stakeholders, perform asset surveillance, diagnosis and ultimately optimize production amid operational constraints. 

As the PDMS provides foundation layer for managing the production for the two fields, and it's helping today to improve the timely decision making process through the use of accuracy, and validated data; this effect is impacting positively by allowing BDPOC to adjust production rates to deliver contractual terms of demanded production in a matter of a few hours. 

The goal of this paper is to present the architecture and highlight the advantages and benefits that can be drawn from the utilization of the Platform Solution as key foundation block today and how it fits the Roadmap to Asset Optimization in the future for BDPOC. 

This case study illustrates the challenges of acquiring, storing, and production information. The main components are deployed for the PDMS along with the up-to-date technologies that can effectively be used to meet these challenges. The Platform Solution allows BDPOC to have reliable production information at their fingertips.

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