Technical Paper: Production Management System to Enhance Collaboration and Production Surveillance, Garraf Oil Field

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 177932
Presentation Date: 2015
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Production engineers frequently use back allocation to estimate actual production volumes from wells based on frequent well test data or theoretical calculations using well and reservoir characteristics. 

PETRONAS executed a centralized production data management system from early days of production to establish a scalable and reliable workprocess among the organization. The production and operation data management system of the field supports data collection, QC, validation and production back allocation as well as production downtime optimization. The new system provides a means to visualize complex networks, verify the production streams, track gathering systems functionality through time and derive the allocation networks. The various downtime coding and quantifications, helped Petronas to quantify the root cause of production shortfalls and optimized the unwanted shut downs. The new system has improved the data quality and reliability and has made the data transparently available to the various stakeholders in the organization. 

After the new back allocation system became fully operational, Petronas started to realize the following benefits from this successful implementation. Determine the production quantities of each well and reservoir for production accounting. Quality check and approval for the test data before being used for further calculations Ability to allocate production, where accurate measurements are not possible or cost effective. Ability to determine fluid flow quantities through every strategic point in the network.   

The current paper describes the challenges and benefits of the subjected system implementation.

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