Technical Paper: Well Performance Workflow Automation: An Integrated Operations (IO) Approach to Unlock the Field Potential for Samarang Asset

Society: OTC
Paper Number: 25035
Presentation Date: 2014
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Samarang is a 35-year-old offshore oilfield in Malaysia, operated by Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB). Samarang Redevelopment Project was kicked-off in 2012. Integrated Operations (IO) was planned as an Asset Management Decision Support solution by implementing a real time production, reservoir and process surveillance system. 

For the IO implementation, various intelligent asset decision processes referred as workflow were identified and in various reservoir, production, and operations domains such as Flow Assurance, Well Performance, Artificial Lift, Production and Facility Planning and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Optimization. These workflow groups are linked to provide an integrated asset decision support system which will improve decision quality and operational efficiency. The workflows will deliver value with enhanced asset management by focusing on decisions to improve production and operations performance. 

In the initial phase, well performance workflow group, by acquiring data from the RTU system and processing the real-time analysis workflows, enables the asset team to move from a reactive to a pro-active asset management system. ‘Well Status and Uptime Calculation’ and ‘Well Rate Estimation’ workflows enable engineers to know in real-time the status and performance of wells resulting to reduce the production deferment by in-time reaction to unexpected behaviors. 

The ‘Well Test Validation’ workflow will provide online validation, enhances test quality and improves confidence in production back-allocation and reservoir modeling leading to better Field Management. ‘GasLift Surveillance and Optimization’ workflow monitors lift performance and optimizes gaslift distribution to maximize oil production. Utilizing Real Time Production Operation data and integrated petroleum engineering software, this solution will enable efficient decisions with a shorter turnaround time. 

The IO implementation is intended to enhance production, extend the field life and increase recoverable reserves while facilitating an effective reservoir management strategy.

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