Technical Paper: Improving Production Monitoring And Surveillance By Using An Integrated Production Data Management

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 80523
Presentation Date: 2003
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Pertamina Upstream's strategy is "First Quality, Then Growth".  As part of Pertamina's drive to improve quality (productivity and efficiency), Pertamina DOH SBS which is the biggest upstream business unit of Pertamina located in South Sumatra initiated the steps, toward the end of the year 2000, to improve the overall data quality and information management process related to production monitoring and surveillance. 

With the vision to fully automate the production information system, Pertamina DOH SBS reviewed the availably commercial software offered in the area of production information information management.  The solution is intended to provide a structured data capturing system as well as overall framework towards and integrated Production Data Management System (PDMS) for Pertamina DOH SBS.

The system implementation was successfully completed in the first quarter of 2002.  It is used everyday to capture daily field production data, production allocation, and it provides "Daily Morning Production Report" posted at the Pertamina DOH SBS website (intranet) by 8am every morning.

This field data capture system replaced the MS Excel spreadsheet files that were used previously to capture and store daily production data.  It also provides the user quality control tools like graphical visualization of historical data, which has significantly contributed towards increasing the confidence in the quality of data.

This Production Data Management System provides the engineers with reliable data, thus minimize time spend for data collecting.  Instead, more time will be spent for engineering analysis to increase field productivity.  Besides savings in the time, the improved quality and timely availability of data will considerably improve the success rate by allowing users to make well informed decisions. 

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