Technical Paper: New Approach to Log Simulation in a Horizontal Drain-Tambora Geosteering Project-Balikpapan, Indonesia

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 88448
Presentation Date: 2004
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This paper is presenting a workflow applied successfully during the summer 2003 on the Tambora Field in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The combination of a modeler (PETREL) together with a geosteering application (INFORM) in real time was a new approach to generate scenarios of tool response to formation changes in a horizontal drain. The aim of this paper is to share our experience and describe the workflow, which came as a real help to geosteering as events can be anticipated with a certain reaction time.

The first steps of the project consisted in preparing the 3D model, incorporating all geophysical and geological information to get a complete overview of the distribution of the petrophysical properties through the field. Once the drilling started and before entering the reservoir, the model was updated with the new picks and eventually new horizon interpretation. The GR and Resistivities were modelled and a set of synthetic logs along the well trajectory was exported from the 3D modeler into a geosteering application. Then a series of simulations of expected logs were run giving the asset team a set of possible scenarios to foresee possible situations during drilling and prepare contingency plans beforehand thereby enabling efficient geosteering.

The geomodeler enabled to build a 3D Earth model, which can be easily updated with real time data: it was also seen as a good communication tool.

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