Technical Paper: Utilizing the Value of Continuously Measured Data

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 90404
Presentation Date: 2004
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Smart Fields and Intelligent Wells are the new buzz words currently domination in the petroleum industry.  Many papers have been published so far on the implementation of intelligent wells but less has been seen on the actual application of the continuously measured data.

There are many different problems the engineer is facing during his attempt to use real time data for real time optimization.  Just to mention a few of them:

  • Data quality
  • Moving huge amounts of data
  • Many engineering software packages are not able to handle high frequency data

Basically, the question is, how can the real time data stream be used for continuous asset optimization and is there any economic value to it?

The first part of the SPE paper will deal with a general introduction into current problems and how they can be solved. 

The second part will give an actual example of the implementation of an Automated Reservoir Surveillance System in the Medusa field, Gulf of Mexico (GOM). Different levels of implementation have been identified:

  • Data management and integration
  • Automation
  • Real time rate allocation
  • Detection

The first three points have been successfully implemented.  The remaining point is currently in progress.  A detailed view will be given on the goals which should be achieved in the end - in particular how to actually use real time data for continuous monitoring and optimization.

The uniqueness of this approach lies in the continuous and automatic comparison of real values to estimated values based on computational models.  If the two values deviate from each other, the engineer is notified by an alarm system.  This is a powerful new approach and can be seen as the first step towards a Smart Field implementation. 

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