Technical Paper: Accounting for Flow Model Uncertainties in Gas-Condensate Field Design Using the OLGA High Definition Stratified Flow Model

Society: Other
Paper Number: BHR-2015-g5
Presentation Date: 2015


The high-definition stratified flow model in Schlumberger’s dynamic multiphase flow simulator has been applied in an ongoing project for Statoil, addressing the design of an offshore gas condensate field in Tanzania. The modelling work focuses on the prediction of the liquid accumulation, which defines the operational envelope of the system, the upscaling of numerical predictions and experimental data to field conditions, and the statistical representation of model uncertainties. A highly comprehensive data set was obtained by SINTEF in their Large Scale Loop at Tiller, covering liquid accumulation for very low liquid loading in two upwardly inclined 8- and 12-inch pipes. The high-definition model predicts the data well. Applying the data to tune the model improves “predictions” further. The accumulation data suggest a scale up from lab to field based on the gas Froude number and pipe angle. The retuned high-definition model agrees with this scaling, confirming that a similar scale up is inherent in the model. Finally, we demonstrate how to obtain robust statistical distributions for the closure parameters in the high-definition model, suitable for uncertainty studies.

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