Technical Paper: A New Hydraulic Fracturing Package Fit for Arctic Conditions Improves Operational Efficiency & Fracture Conductivity and Enhances Production in Western Siberia

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 102623
Presentation Date: 2006
 Download: A New Hydraulic Fracturing Package Fit for Arctic Conditions Improves Operational Efficiency and Fracture Conductivity and Enhances Production in Western Siberia (0.38 MB PDF) Login | Register



The extreme weather, the poor road conditions, the use of a wide variety of local river and produced waters, and the time-consuming batch mixing operations of tons of gel prior to the operation make each fracturing job in Siberia a real challenge. In a market where production needs are growing, efficiency and streamlined operations are required to enable a higher utilization rate and maintain execution quality.

This paper introduces a new system where engineered polymer-based fracturing fluid and mixing equipment were integrated. While the conventional fracturing systems employ either batch mixing of gel for hours prior to the operation, or continuous mixing using polymer slurries suspended in hydrocarbon, the solution introduces mixing on-the-fly of all the streams, including the dry polymer, the crosslinker, and the activator streams. This significantly reduces the duration of each treatment. With the utilization of high yielding polymer, the new technology allows a reduction in polymer loading close to 20%, which translates to an increase in proppant pack conductivity of up to 10%, and thus an increase in productivity. The new technology introduces blends, allowing increased simplicity and improved reliability. The enhanced utilization of dry chemicals in an environment of sub-freezing temperatures also contributes to the operational simplicity. The system incorporates a robust chemistry with reduced sensitivity to additive concentrations and improved compatibility with local waters. The system has a broad application temperature range from 37 degC to 149 degC.

As of today, 143 treatments have been successfully performed in the Priobskoe region of western Siberia with the integrated solution using various fields mixing waters. The duration of treatments has been reduced on average by 8 h, while 100% of the proppant was placed in 88% of the cases. The new fluid system has further allowed a decrease in polymer loading of 17% during the treatments.

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