Technical Paper: Sandstone Matrix Stimulation Can Improve Brownfield Oil Production When the Chemistry and Procedures are Correct

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 106321
Presentation Date: 2007
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Improving oil and gas production from the Brown Fields is now more important than ever to the operating companies, as the oil price remains record high. Matrix stimulation is often preferred as it could generate additional production gain with relatively low level of investment.

In the recent acidizing campaign in Brunei, a particular challenge was the flowback of tubing pickling and spent acids, and neutralization of the spent acid on the surface. A series of effective methodologies for the stimulation of offshore multilayer sandstone oil reservoirs was implemented. The chemistry and art of four different acidizing methods involving Tubing Pickling, Bullheading, Diversion and Coiled Tubing placement were used. Stimulation of over forty wells utilizing different acid systems and procedures resulted in noticeably different production gains. The short and long term results are correlated with the stimulation procedures and practices. The present paper describes a comparison of procedures and production gains during these acid stimulation treatments. The cost, logistics and operational constraints due to specific Brunei offshore environment and conditions will also be discussed. Post-treatment production gain is correlated with the efficiency and timing of the flowback process.

Use of computer-based virtual laboratory tool for the fluid selection, coreflow laboratory testing for the fluid optimization at downhole conditions and evaluation of fine migration tendencies were investigated before the treatment. The results were compared with the one from other operators in the same environment and reservoir conditions. Review of post acidizing results came up with recommendations and lesson learnt for future campaigns. This effort will certainly enhance the success ratio of the sandstone acidizing treatments.

Significance: Developed lessons learnt to increase the success ratio of sandstone stimulations.