Technical Paper: Horizontal well completion and stimulation techniques: a review with emphasis on low-permeability carbonates

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 108075
Presentation Date: 2007
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This paper presents a brief review of the available techniques in the oil and gas industry to complete and stimulate horizontal wells, with emphasis on low permeability carbonates. These techniques can also be applied in non-conventional reservoirs, particularly in tight formations. The paper starts by reviewing the lessons learned in some chalk fields in the North Sea (Dan, Halfdan, South Arne, Valhall and Eldfisk) and in a few pilot projects offshore Brazil (Congro and Enchova). Based on these lessons learned and in the broad literature, the paper devises some considerations on the methodology to select completion and stimulation techniques for horizontal wells. Cased and cemented horizontal wells, in addition to open hole and perforated/slotted liners wells are addressed. The macro aspects of field/area management are stressed as the completion and stimulation drivers. The key parameters for designing, implementing and evaluating horizontal completion and stimulation are presented, emphasizing the most common failures and the controversial aspects. The paper presents a summary of mature field and new scenarios that are candidate to horizontal completion and stimulation in Brazil and other Latin America countries. Then it makes a few comments on the resources available in Latin America to face the mentioned opportunities and related challenges. It is supposed that this brief review will be useful for the low permeability scenarios in Latin America and worldwide.