Technical Paper: Optimal practices to remediate and control fines migration in inland-water wells in Maracaibo basin, west Venezuela

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 108728
Presentation Date: 2007
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This paper summarizes the following aspects of a comprehensive program intended to develop optimal practices for the stimulation of wells in the Ceuta field, a developing area located in Lake Maracaibo, West Venezuela: lab testing to diagnose formation damage mechanisms and to qualify proposed treatments; operational practices including injection sequence, treating volumes for optimal radial penetration and diversion techniques for uniform placement; recommended safety and environmental practices.

Also, detailed examples of treatments performed in six inland-water wells in the Ceuta, Area 8 South Central area within this field are provided. The average production rate for these wells before the implementation of these practices was 419 BOPD. The implementation of the guidelines provided in this paper resulted in an average post-production rate of 2100 BOPD with a twelve-month average decline rate of 1.6 BOPD.

The enhanced methodology has been implemented with success in other fields in the Maracaibo Lake area known as CentroLago, Lagotreco and Lagocinco. Results from treatments in these areas are also summarized and discussed.