Technical Paper: An Integrated Approach for Optimizing Vertical Wolfbone Wells in the Delaware Basin

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 168776
Presentation Date: 2013
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An integrated completion and production workflow was used to optimize the fracture stimulation treatments in a group of vertical Wolfbone wells located in the Delaware Basin of West Texas. This workflow integrated advanced petrophysical processed logs and anisotropic stress models, derived from full waveform dipole sonic measurements, with detailed fracture simulation to determine perforating and staging strategies which would provide the best fracture coverage and optimize the number of stages. The flow-channel fracturing (FCF) technique, which provides a novel approach for achieving fracture conductivity, was also implemented on several of the study wells to significantly improve the effectiveness of the fracture stimulation treatments. Through fracture diagnostics, detailed post fracture modeling, and production analysis techniques which utilized production logs, an understanding of the effectiveness of the stimulation treatments (fracture length/conductivity) as well as calibration of the petrophysical and geomechanical models was achieved.

This paper will demonstrate how the implementation of an integrated well optimization workflow on several vertical Wolfbone wells has improved overall well production performances, reduced drilling and stimulation costs, and has ultimately paved the way forward for horizontal development of the Wolfbone acreage.

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