Technical Paper: Capturing Regional Geomechanical Knowledge for Heavy Oil Carbonate Offshore Fields in Campeche Oriente-Mexico

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 169271
Presentation Date: 2014
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As part of the strategic projects for reserves incorporation in the south-east Mexican Gulf, Heavy Oil-Carbonate fields have been explored in an area of about 900 km2 called “Campeche Oriente”.As of today, a total of 13 extra heavy oil offshore fields have been discovered and delimited. In order to characterize this area in an early stage of its development, a conceptual model for Wellbore Stability Analysis of the new fields, in coherence with a nearby developed fields Geomechanical knowledge has been built. As a first approach to evaluate the regional coherence on the geomechanical modeling parameters, an existing and calibrated model previously built in an offset development field was applied to the exploratory fields in Campeche Oriente basin, focusing in design and drilling optimization purposes. As a result of this analysis, nearby field modeling parameters showed good correlation in an area of 900 km2, covering the exploration fields. It has been possible to identify two main sectors (East and West) with differences in shallow sediments velocities leading to slight variation of the normal compaction trend. Based on these regional results, it has been possible to identify the fields that fall on each sector allowing, on a first stage of well design, the application of a fit for purpose geomechanical model, adjusted for each sector in order to reproduce geological conditions and operative events of the area. This analysis focusing on the operational experience, well logs/reservoir characterization information and lessons learned from an offset field has been an excellent starting point for the Front End Loading of the development wells to be drilled in the area, allowing to better understand, from a conceptual perspective, the expected behavior of the planned wells and design cost effectively according to it on a critical environment involving overpressure zones, depleted carbonate reservoirs and heavy oil.

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