Technical Paper: Coarse- and Ultra-Fine Scale Compartmentalization by Downhole Fluid Analysis

Society: IPTC
Paper Number: 10034
Presentation Date: 2005


Encountering unexpectedly small compartment size has been one of the leading sources of production shortfalls in the petroleum industry. It follows that traditional methods to characterize compartments are substantially inadequate. Downhole Fluid Analysis (DFA) has recently been established as a new tool to address compartmentalization. In particular, the objective of an entirely new type of log, a continuous downhole fluids log, is being realized. Here, the combination of DFA with pressure measurement is shown to be very effective for compartment characterization. Compartments of startlingly small size are shown. The ability of thin barriers to hold off large depletion pressures is established. Methods are given to optimize the use of DFA coupled with pressure for characterization of compartments.

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