Technical Paper: Material-Loss Estimation For Pipes

Society: Other
Paper Number: 11312
Presentation Date: 2011
Download: Material-Loss Estimation For Pipes (0.20 MB PDF)



Deterioration of the internal wall of a metal pipe that results from corrosion or erosion can lead to material loss that compromises the integrity of the conduit. For subsea pipelines, both investigation and monitoring of these two processes are very important not only to prevent leakage and its associated hazards, but also due to difficulties in remediation and loss of revenue from often complex high value production streams. Although industry statistics indicate that up to 40% of offshore pipeline failures are associated with corrosion-related issues, most methods used for inspection and diagnostics of pipe integrity & wall thickness are not easy to apply in deepwater pipeline environments. In this work authors present a new diagnostic method that employs pipe hoop strain in the estimation of metal-loss parameters. Factors significantly influencing the hoop strain were studied, including internal and external pressures, wall thickness, temperature, etc. The new methodology is based on the results of numerical pipe modeling that evaluates how the internal metal loss affects the external strain reading as a function of pressure and temperature.

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