Technical Paper: Subsea Deployment of Instrumented Sand Screens in High-Rate Gas Wells

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 125047
Presentation Date: 2009
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Arrays of miniaturized temperature sensors deployed in the lower completion of six subsea wells in Southeast Asia enabled batch completions. A mechanical fluid-loss-control device in the lower completion and a temporary plug set above the lower completion after gravel packing allowed the operator to return later with the upper completion. Upon deploying the upper completion, acquisition was activated and cleanup data were transmitted, allowing the operator to monitor flow from individual zones. Subsequently, production data have been transmitted in real time to the operator headquarters from an offshore production platform, allowing continuous reservoir modeling.

Key to the communication success was the use of mating inductive couplers, with the female coupler just below the gravel-pack packer and the male coupler at the bottom of the upper completion. This coupler has proved reliable in the presence of standard field operations. In some cases, there were multiple activations of the coupler, and all were successful.

Success of the overall system required that each interconnecting component and interface work as designed. Similar attention to detail was expended on cables and rig handling. The robustness of the system has led to alternative completion configurations such as monitoring the sandface of wells using electric submersible pumps for enhanced recovery.

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