Technical Paper: Drilling Deep in Deep Water: What It Takes to Drill Past 30,000 ft

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 128190
Presentation Date: 2010
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This paper focuses on the challenges of planning and drilling directional wells in excess of 30,000 ft true vertical depth. Authors from Devon Energy and Schlumberger share the lessons learned from some of the major deepwater Gulf of Mexico operations that have resulted in wells drilled beyond this mark and that are continuing to push the envelope. These wells have held, at one time or another, records for the deepest wells drilled in many categories.

What is different about extended-reach drilling and ultradeep deepwater drilling operations? What does it take to drill today’s deepest wells? It takes knowledge and experience to address the critical factors involved and plan and execute these wells. Discussions include methodologies and general rules for planning these wells related to torque and drag, side forces, slip crushing, drillstring and landing string design, well plan trajectory design, directional control, salt drilling, downhole tools, and other aspects of interest. Experts identify additional resources and existing as well as new and emerging technologies that are being used in these areas.

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