Technical Paper: Effect of Bicenter Bit BHA Design on BHA Behavior

Society: SPE
Paper Number: 128203
Presentation Date: 2010
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The petroleum industry is continually pushing to safely drill deeper, longer, and faster sections. The use of bicenter drill bits has been a popular option since the mid 1990s for borehole enlargement while drilling. Borehole enlargement offers significant benefits, allowing multidiameter casing strings, additional contingent hole sections, and reduced equivalent circulating density with a narrow mud-weight situations. The technique results in longer well profiles and larger hole diameters to reach deeper reservoir sections.

At the time of publication, there were no published reference tables or programs to accurately predict the directional behavior of bicenter-bit bottomhole assemblies (BHAs). To address this lack of documentation, authors present a study of bicenter bit and BHA runs in the Gulf of Mexico that evaluated and analyzed operating parameters, stabilizer placement, and BHA type (positive displacement motor and point-the-bit rotary steerable system). Also included are documented results, techniques, and references for establishing guidelines for successful use of bicenter-bit BHAs in directional drilling applications.

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