Technical Paper: Predrill Pore-Pressure Prediction Using Seismic Data

Society: SEG
Paper Number: 1500391
Presentation Date: 2002


1A predrill estimate of pore pressure can be obtained from seismic velocities using a velocity-to—pore-pressure transform, but the seismic velocities need to be derived using methods having sufficient resolution for well planning purposes. For a deepwater Gulf of Mexico example, significant differences are found between the velocity field obtained using reflection tomography and that obtained using a conventional method based on the Dix equation. These lead to significant differences in the predicted pore pressure. Parameters in the velocity-to—pore-pressure transform are estimated using seismic interval velocities and pressure data from nearby calibration wells. The uncertainty in the pore pressure prediction is analyzed by examining the spread in the predicted pore pressure obtained using parameter combinations which sample the region of parameter space consistent with the available well data. If calibration wells are not available, the ideas proposed in this paper can be used with measurements made while drilling to predict pore pressure ahead of the bit based on seismic velocities.

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