Technical Paper: Combining Rock Physics Analysis, Full Waveform Prestack Inversion and High-resolution Seismic Interpretation to map Lithology Units in Deepwater: A Gulf of Mexico Case Study

Society: Other
Paper Number: 1729224
Presentation Date: 2004


A successful seismic-based reservoir properties estimation effort has three steps: accurate seismic inversion in 3D to obtain relevant reservoir parameters, rock physics transformation to relate reservoir parameters to the seismic parameters, and mapping these parameters in 3D. This problem is nonunique and thus any available information—specifically geologic interpretation—should be used to improve our ability to infer the reservoir properties of interest with confidence. Moreover, uncertainty associated with the different predicted values (i.e., confidence interval and estimate of misclassification probability) must be provided as well, so that proper decisions can be made. Thus, it is evident that this involves interdisciplinary effort that includes rock physics, geologic interpretation, and seismic inversion technology. However, for quantitative description of reservoir properties, one must derive a way to quantify the errors and uncertainties associated with the process.

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