Technical Paper: Spoolable Compliant Guide: A Solution for Well Intervention

Society: OTC
Paper Number: 20416
Presentation Date: 2010
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The Spoolable Compliant Guide (SCG) is a conduit between a subsea well and a monohull vessel which allows well intervention toolstrings, coiled tubing, and wireline to be guided into the well. The SCG consists of a length of coiled tubing suspended from a vessel and supported in a compliant “S” shape though the water column. The SCG is connected via a supporting structure to the vessel without a motion compensator, forming a rigid connection between the SCG and the vessel. The rigid connection eliminates the relative motion between surface intervention equipment, such as a coiled tubing or wireline unit and the entrance to the SCG at the surface, providing a stable platform to conduct intervention operations.

The top section of the SCG moves with the vessel, while the compliant shape absorbs the vessel motions, preventing large environmental loads from effecting the WIP and wellhead. The lower section of the SCG is supported using buoyancy modules which enables the SCG to form the compliant ‘S’ shape.

Finite element studies were conducted to determine the operating feasibility, examining the effects of vessel position from the wellhead, vessel drift off, deployment, and elastic and plastic fatigue life. These studies were complemented by small-scale model tests which examined pipe-in-pipe interaction, plastic and elastic fatigue, and wear of coiled tubing. The results show that the SCG is a feasible alternative to rig-based top tensioned risers for coiled tubing operations.