Technical Paper: Parque das Conchas (BC10): Subsurface Challenges in Developing a Deepwater Shallow Geologically Complex Field

Society: OTC
Paper Number: 20599
Presentation Date: 2010
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As part of the Parque das Conchas project, located in the BC-10 block offshore Brazil, the structurally complex Cretaceous heavy oil “Ostra” reservoir is developed in a deepwater, shallow overburden setting. Based on data from a vertical exploration and an appraisal well, the development plan called for completion of six producers with 600-m to 1,000-m long horizontal sections. The integration of subsurface and drilling data and technology was critical in overcoming numerous challenges encountered during drilling.

Many aspects of the drilling planning and while-drilling procedures were updated to improve performance and well placement. Mud weights were reduced, drilling fluids modified, and BHA configurations changed to meet the drilling challenges. The basic well design and drilling philosophy was updated to include geo-steering in the reservoir and additional pilot wells were drilled in the field. Advanced technology LWD tools were incorporated to optimize the available data and to increase reservoir penetration. The correlation of 2D and 3D seismic data to steering ratios, build angles, rate of penetration, and weight-on-bit were novel approaches to improve wellpath planning and optimize geosteering.

Collaboration of the subsurface and drilling teams led to significantly improved drilling performance and well placement over the course of the six wells drilled to date.

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