Technical Paper: Directional Casing While Drilling Heralds a Step Change in Drilling Efficiency from a Producing Platform

Society: OTC
Paper Number: 20880
Presentation Date: 2010
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Directional casing while drilling (DCWD) utilizing a rotary steerable system or a steerable positive displacement motor is a recent application of proven casing while drilling technology. DCWD with an RSS or PDM as been applied in wells in the North Sea, Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region, proving its operational reliability.

Top hole directional drilling of wells in multiwell producing platforms requires carefully planned, detailed procedures and reliable techniques. The procedure, in addition to directional capabilities, requires that the well counter anticollision concerns within the torque and hydraulic operating parameters of the formation. The drive for continuous improvements led the field operator to choose DCWD technology to improve drilling performance while meeting the company’s strict operational and safety directives.

The carefully planned and implemented operation required the close cooperation of the operator, directional drilling company, and the drilling contractor. This close interaction led to three world records and the world’s first application of another enabling technology, including:

  • World’s deepest 13 3/8-in. DCWD job
  • World’s highest angle directional well with 13 3/8-in. DCWD
  • World’s fastest rate of penetration for a 13 3/8-in. DCWD
  • World’s first application of Gyro MWD with DCWD

As a result of the success of DCWD in top hole formations from a producing platform in Asia, the operator considers DCWD a primary enabling technology in its continued efforts for drilling efficiency. It is deploying the DCWD technology in another of its projects in East Malaysia.

The following paper discusses the challenges, planning, implementation, economics, operational results, and lessons learned from a two-well DCWD batch drilling program from a producing platform offshore Malaysia.

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